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North Iceland

About North Iceland

North Iceland is a veritable string of jewels, whose nature attracts people of all ages.

On the west side of Hunafjordur, the rock arch of Hvitserkur towers just off the shore; far to the south, nearly at the pass out of North Iceland, Hveravellir adds colour to the highlands with one of the country’s largest geothermal fields.

The islands of Malmey and Drangey in Skagafjordur exude folklore, while the people of Eyjafjordur boast of more magnificent mountains and more prosperous farming communities than one can generally find.

The two Þingey counties present nature that is simultaneously rough, mild and breathtaking, with so many sights you would be hard put to find more natural masterpieces anywhere else. Take, for example, the waterfalls of Godafoss and Dettifoss, the latter Europe’s mightiest. Downstream from Dettifoss, explore Jokulsargljufur, one of the country’s most awe-inspiring canyons. Here can be found theHljodaklettar formations and Asbyrgi, where the rushing waters of the Jokulsa river have shaped stark cliffs. Far to the south, Askja epitomises calderas and volcanoes.
Although Myvatn and its entire environs are world-famous for their beauty, the cliffs of Dimmuborgir comprise a wondrous world of their own, this is the where the Yule Lads live, don’t miss them if you are passing around.

North Iceland offers a multitude of opportunities for those who want adventurous activities in a true natural paradise. There are untold possibilities for outdoor recreation, so that everyone will find something to enjoy; river rafting, horse riding, whale watching, golf, see angling, hiking and alot more.
Organised excursions and outdoor activity tours will take one between towns, out to islands and into the highlands, allowing the chance to see the magnificent landscape the North has to offer. Nearly every area has an outdoor swimming pool, and facilities for tourists are top-notch.

Adventure awaits you in the North.

dettifoss iceland

All in one: Mývatn, Goðafoss, Dettifoss, Selfoss, cave and the Nature baths

askja iceland

Askja Super Jeep from Mývatn

dettifoss iceland

Dettifoss Waterfall Super Jeep

goðafoss iceland

Goðafoss Waterfall & Mývatn Nature bath


Lake Mývatn Classic